Fine fishing in the High Country and our tailwaters to the West. The locals are both full of water and fish. The South Holston River and Watauga Rivers have their sulphur hatches beginning to fire up, and we can’t be any more pleased about both!

The South Holston River 

The South Holston may just be the more inconsistent of the two rivers that we frequent when it comes to the fishing right now. One day tough, the next trip is great. The fishing will right itself sooner rather than later once the flows from the TVA remain consistent as they have been then last couple of days. The bigger factor has been the weather.  The famed sulphurs are not quite at their peak yet. The big summer hatches are still to come, but fish have definitely begun eating their fair share of sulphur nymphs in the afternoon. Expect high water nymphing with a good bit of weight in the coming weeks with a few sporadic pods of fish looking for those afternoon bugs.

Watauga River

The Watauga is white hot right now with a bulk of our floats heading to the “beautiful river”. Sulphurs are pretty consistent and about to be at their peak as per usual over their as they tend to peak earlier than the sulphurs on the South Holston. Expect LOTS of fish. it has definitely been a numbers game on the Watauga with counts frequntly exceeding 40 or 50–and often times more! Interested?



Lots of water. The rivers and creeks have certainly been in flux, but the fishing hasn’t. The Yellow Sallies are on their way! As soon as we have some consistent warm weather, there will be plenty of afternoons where they are bound to break loose and show themselves. In my opinion, if you know the right places, they can certainly provide some of the best dry fly fishing in the High Country. The DH streams are still holding strong. But remember, the first Saturday in June is coming in hot! So come enjoy ’em while you can!

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Highland Outfitters Team