We have been staying busy here at Highland Outfitters. Both the South Holston River and the Watauga River, for the most part, have been nothing short of spectacular. With the sulphurs in full swing on the South Holston River, matched with a great morning beetle bite, the dry fly fanatics have had nothing but great opportunities to catch great fish on the surface.

The nymphing and dry/dropper game has been the go to scenario for the most part on both tailwaters. Scuds, midges and baetis early have also produced a large quantity of fish.

The big event and news, however is the upcoming sluice on the South Holston River. During a sluice event, bug activity tends to explode, and both the quality and quantity of fish goes from great to unreal, really quickly.  The even better news is that this will be an estimated 320 event. So almost a year of ideal flows to fish from a boat, or even wade on the entire river. We can’t wait, but we’ll let the photos of just a few of the fish caught during the last month by guides Joe Kostura and Matt Maness speak for themselves.


Highland Outfitters Team