It’s been a few weeks since the Delayed Harvest sections here in the Highcountry were stocked again for spring, and they are fishing exceptionally well. Size 16-20 nymphs dropped below a larger attractor (egg patterns, squirmy worm, etc.) have been very productive. On warmer days, you can also watch for fish rising. If you do see them, dry droppers are always a good go to for those conditions. When fishing dry droppers, throwing bulkier dry flies such as stimulators and elk hair caddis can be effective as they are more buoyant and make it easier to tell when a strike is occurring.

They will also be stocking all of the Delayed Harvest waters again in the beginning of April. For a complete list of the dates they will be stocking each river you can go to . Additionally, all Hatchery Supported sections will be opening up again on Saturday, April 7th. So get your rods ready and come on by the shop to stock up on any gear you may need for the upcoming season!