License and regulation info

North Carolina Licenses

NC fishing licenses are available at the shop or you can purchase them online by going to or by calling 1-888-248-6834.

Nonresident 10 Day Inland: $23

Nonresident annual Basic Inland: $45

Resident 10 Day Basic Inland: $9

Resident Basic Inland: $25

NOTICE: NCWRC has removed the Trout Stamp as a requirement for fishing Hatchery Supported and Delayed Harvest regulated rivers. The Basic Inland license will cover all fishing we do on our guided trips in NC.

Tennessee Licenses

Tennessee fishing licenses are available online by creating an account at or by calling 1-888-814-8972.

Non-Resident 3 day All Species (Item Number 078): $40
Non-Resident 10 day All Species (Item Number 081): $61

Virginia Licenses

Virginia fishing licenses are available online by creating an account at

Nonresident 5-Day Freshwater Fishing: $21
Nonresident Trout Fishing (October 1–June 15): $23**                                                                                              **Required in addition to Freshwater nonresident licenses if fishing in stocked waters.

Know the Regulations

Here in North Carolina, you will find regulation signs nailed to trees or phone polls through out the High Country. These diamonds state the classification of Public Mountain Trout Waters regulations that are enforced on a particular river. Below are the predominate signs we see in the surrounding Boone area.

The Wild regulation is a fan favorite here at the shop as this diamond represents what makes our area so special. Rivers with the regulation assigned to it maintain water clarity and temperatures that are hospitable for all three species of trout found in the High Country. This means the state does not need to stock Wild streams letting nature take it’s course, allowing for a natural population of trout.

There are a few Delayed Harvest sections or “DH” for short, close to the shop. This regulation has quite a bit of fine print and harvesting trout from these streams when not permitted can land you a hefty fine. DH rivers are broken into two sets of regulations depending on the time of year. In the months of October to the following June, these streams are catch and release, artificial flies or lures ONLY. Starting the first Saturday in June, anglers may harvest up to 7 fish per day with no bait restrictions. The state maintains a Spring and Fall stocking schedule that allows catch and release anglers to enjoy easier fishing conditions knowing the fish are not being harvested. You can find that stocking schedule here.

Hatchery Supported rivers are exactly what they sound like. The rivers given this regulation are stocked to ensure the growing tradition of trout fishing doesn’t outweigh the trout population. These sections are closed for the month of March, and have a stocking schedule through out the Spring and Summer when our rivers see the most pressure. You can find that stocking schedule here.