Meet the Team

At Boone’s Fly Shop, we believe that cultivating our local watershed into a clean sustainable resource is our responsibility as a fly shop and guide service. Our goal is to produce a paradigm focused on education and angling practices that help grow a healthy fishing community.

Skye Kreis-Potgieter

Float/Wade Guide - Secret Fly Hoarder

As a native Booner, Skye can point you to just about every river, creek, or drainage ditch that can hold a wild trout in it. With years spent on the local streams, you’ll likely find Skye honing his streamer game while exploring new small streams or on the tailwaters. He’s not known for being picky about the type of fish chasing after his streamer either. Trout may have helped in getting him started years ago, but so long as there’s a fish willing to slam his streamer, species matters not. If he’s not on the water, you can assume Skye is behind the vice cooking up the next top secret pattern. No, it’s not your grandpappy’s parachute, female adams.

Alyssa Adcock

Float/Wade Guide – Ranch Connoisseur

She hails from the Asheville area, but we don’t hold it against her. Alyssa attended ASU while guiding full time in the summer and virtually every weekend during the semester. She’ll out work, tie on more flies, or row harder than any guide if that means her guests are taken care of. Basically, she’s a badass. Except when it comes to spicy food. She has since graduated and guides full time. In the off season you’ll find her sanding down the hull of a new drifty from High Country Boats.

Collin Kreis-Potgieter​

Float/Wade Guide - Back stock pilferer

“Stay With It” is a sentiment we share with our friends over at The Cardinal and is one that Collin brings on every trip. Chill vibes and a warm smile can always be found in his boat. This trio of Skye, Alyssa, and Collin is a deadly one in the boat. But don’t worry, they’ll leave plenty of fish for you to catch. Best time to low hole these three is when they stop to set up their stream-side cocktail bar.

Nate Fordyce

Float/wade Guide - TikTok Influencer

Nate is usually the man behind the camera, but when it’s time to fish, he’s the first to lace up and hit the blue lines.  Always ready for an adventure, he’ll be your guy if the goal is a beautiful hike to find wild streams untouched by other anglers.

Corey Murphy

Float/Wade Guide

Kole Ulveling

Wade Guide - Pizza and beer pairing expert

Kole made his way into the guiding world while studying in the ASU education department. His knack for teaching and intimate knowledge of our local streams work together to make him an integral part of the team. If you are new to the sport, have kids that are interested in fly fishing, or even an experienced angler looking to be put on quality local fish, Kole is your guy.

Ben Wayne

Ben has earned his reputation as a wild water specialist in Boone North Carolina through his years of exploration into wilderness areas in order to map out the best hidden gems in high country. He attended Appalachian State University for his undergraduate education in Biology Secondary Education and is currently working on his master’s degree in Higher Education with a concentration in teaching biology. Ben’s ability to teach clients stems directly from his years as a public school teacher. Whether it’s the biology of the stream or casting techniques, Ben can give you the knowledge you need to be a better angler.

Kirby Mellot

Wade Guide - Major Booze Nerd

He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with his background as manager/buyer at our local bottle shop, Peabody’s. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking beer and fishing go well together, Kirby has found every possible way to enjoy this age old pairing. He also offers a unique fly fishing experience on our “Tie and Try” trip. With Kirby’s instruction, you will spend the first portion learning to tie your own flies in the pursuit of catching trout on a fly tied by you on the second leg of the trip. 

Hayden Cheek

Wade Guide - Starving Coffee Cup Artist

Nick Trusso

Wade Guide

Alex big fish 2

Alex Dale

Capt. David Stelling

Owner/operator of chosen river outfitters

David is as fishy as they come. If it swims, he’ll find a fly for you to catch it. More importantly, he’s a dedicated father, steward, and educator. Everyone else preceding on this page has him to thank for the opportunity to guide in this beautiful region of Appalachia and beyond. He fights for the health of our streams, trains and fosters some of the best guides in the High Country, and that all comes together in his boat. He will challenge anglers of any skill level to be better not only in fly fishing, but in the enjoyment and advocacy of our rivers.

David is the owner and operator of Chosen River Outfitters, who is one of a select few permitted to run guided float trips in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. He is a licensed OUPV Charter boat captain in SE Alaska and has been guiding there for over a decade and a half. If you catch him in the shop or have him as a guide, it won’t take much to get him talking about the many reasons why this trip can change your life.

Don't See Your Guide Above?

The folks you see here are considered our “core guides”. Those who have been trained at the hands of David and work closely with the shop in addition to other aspects outside of guiding. We have been a part of the local fly fishing industry for a long time, so over the years we have developed strong relationships with external guides. These guides uphold the same standards as we do and do their jobs to the highest quality. We take guide requests very seriously here, so if there is someone you have an interest in, or would like to fish with again, please don't hesitate to ask.