Full day floats: $395

2 person full day wade: $325

1 person full day wade: $295


Fast and furious are how both of our tailwaters over the state line are fishing. We don’t need to say much more–but we will.

Watauga River

The caddis are beginning to happen. There, we said it. The chaos is beginning on the Watauga River.  Or as we like to call it, it’s football season (fat fish). Sub-surface anyway. Larvae, pupae and soft hackles are spanking fish right now. The big hatch has not quite happened and may still be a week or two away. But the fish are simply eating pupae with wreckless abandon, and that will be the case for the rest of April and May until the next great transition happen
s–sulphurs. The yellow bug. Nice.

South Holston River

Speaking of yellow bugs, a few sulphurs are being spotted throughout the river. With a bulk of those sightings being spotted the farther down river you go, which is normal. They will work their way up river as the weather warms up a bit more. However, the main focus is the wide open blue wing and scud bite in the morning. Then, most are switching sulphur nymphs as the temps climb in the afternoons.  Fast and furious nymphing and dry/dropper fishing. Can’t beat it.










The local Delayed Harvest streams will get their next round of fish today and early next week. If one likes to wack a bunch of fish in short order, this will definitely be the weekend.

Join us here in the heart Southeast trout fishing at Highland Outfitters. Let us know how we can help! Stop in, call or book a trip. We are more than happy to accommodate.

Joe Kostura

Highland Outfitters  Team


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