Shameless Guide Trip Promotion:

We have a Spring Tailwater Special!

Book a full day guide trip on the South Holston or Watauga River with us before May 1st and you will receive a great rate!

Full Day Float: $395

2 Person Wade:$325

1 Person Wade:$295

A guide trip can be scheduled for ANY DAY in 2017 as long as it is put on the books and scheduled BEFORE May 1st. DO IT! These are truly some of the best tailwater fisheries in the country…but, we’re just a little biased.

South Holston River:

Fishing really well. But it usually always is. The South Holston River has been the definition of consistency over the last few weeks. The precursor to the World famous sulphur hatch is happening right now-the World famous Blue Wing Olive nymphal drift is happening. Big nymphs and small. Nymphs in sizes 16-22 are the norm for this time of year. A big range to guess as to which size bug they are taking, but that’s what makes it fun right? This time of year also brings some great hatches on low water. Which of course makes for some great dry fly fishing. Some of the easiest of the year in my opinion. But experience it for yourself! Midges are also proving to be effective as per usual. Midge patterns in the 20-24 size range have proven to keep any angler catching fish all day long. Honest.

Watauga River:

It’s almost that time on the Watauga! Caddis time that is. The most anticipated spectacle of the year is almost here. Caddis casings and larvae are beginning to peak, and they are certainly covering up the river bottom. Fish are also beginning to turn their focus to them as well. With the warm winter we have had, they may happen a little earlier than they have historically. If the warm weather continues it could be any week now! Usually we see them begin around the beginning of April, be at their peak by the middle of April, and then transition into the sulphur hatch by the first or second week of May. This year? It could be earlier! And who knows, maybe last longer? These rivers can certainly provide amazing surprises. Come experience one of the East Coasts most amazing hatches. We promise you won’t regret it. The dry fly fishing is amazing, and the nymph bite can also be some of the easiest nymph fishing you may ever experience…just sayin’. Oh, and lot’s of big fish on dry flies as well. Who doesn’t love that?


 <<<Typical Caddis scene on the Watauga River…

Local Water/Delayed Harvest

They stocked! Most streams at least. There are a few that still need fish, but most streams have been stocked with their first round of fish of the Spring. The North Carolina Delayed Harvest program is certainly a well documented and well managed program that provides fun and A LOT of fish to anglers of all kinds with literally hundreds of miles across the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Small streams are also on fire. Lots of dry fly and dry/dropper opportunities.

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