South Holston River:

The high water fishing, mostly nymphing has been good to great since the flows and schedule has stabled a bit. Some have been throwing streamers with success and rolling a few big fish to boot. But most are still sticking to the heavy stuff dangled underneath an indicator. Some are finding it a little tough during the falling water when they shut the water off, but fish can certainly be caught during that time if you hit it just right–most of the time. Sometimes the fish and bugs just don’t respond to the change. Part of the deal sometimes on the South Holston when the schedule and flows become inconsistent.

Low water up high has been solid as per usual this time of year if the water is shut off early enough. Expect to midge. your favorite zebra midge will do just fine.

Watauga River:

They have begun a random two hour burp of water on the Watauga River over the last week. Will that continue? Only the powers that be know for sure, but they have been running for those two hours at different times every day. Sometimes 3am, sometimes 1pm. Just continue to watch and plan around it if you decide to wade over there. Plenty of wading opportunities regardless.

As for the fishing? Really great. Blue Wings coming off daily like clockwork durin

g the early afternoons lasting for a solid couple of hours with plenty of fish looking up for the dry fly enthusiast. The nymphing has been a staple for all day fun as well with the fish still keying in on a steady diet of blue wings and midges. Think blue wings in the faster stuff, midges in the slow stuff.

Local/Private Water

Solid! Still mild for February here in the High Country of North Carolina. Snowy sometimes, rainy sometimes, cold sometimes, warm-ish sometimes. That can actually make for some fun winter small stream fishing! Some dry fly opportunities during the warmer parts of the day can be had as well. Got to love that for February! Can’t beat it! Delayed Harvest streams being restocked March 1st too!

Sales Plug:

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Highland Outfitters Team